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kathrynw85's Journal

15 January 1985
There are quite a few things I can say about myself. My parents have been divorced since I was two. I was raised by my dad, who is the sweetest and coolest! Primarily, I have lived in the Metroplex since I was about 6. In January 2006, my dad, Sweetie of course!, and I moved to the most boring place on the planet because of my needing to transfer from community college to university and my dad joined an oil and gas partnership as chief geologist and engineer. He's brilliant. I can honestly say, we both will be leaving this forsaken place when I graduate.
I started writing poetry when I was in the eighth grade. So many emotions overwhelmed me daily and kept building and building, and without doing something destructive, I chose to do something constructive. I believe it has worked to my advantage in many ways. I feel writing has made me look into the deeper sides of life, where not many choose to journey. But writing, as well as music, has helped to shape me as a person. It has given me the chance to escape into "worlds" where only I can go, and be myself. Especially in a world of fronts, falsities, (not sure if I spelled that correctly) and lies. But, writing has also made me very happy. Not many people have a literary talent. I have had many people turn away from me because of my poetry...I guess they could not handle it.
But on to less depressing notions. There are many things to know about me, and even I do not know them all. That's what life is about. I am glad I have finally discovered myself, taken what I have learned, and run with it. Though I am not where I ultimately desire to me, I can honestly say I am getting there. My life has been an incredible journey, and I will continue to keep following the path set out for me.